Advertising Copywriting 101 Online

Advertising Copywriting 101 Online
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Date(s) - 16/10/2018
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

San Francisco School of Copywriting


Advertising Copywriting 101 (online)

Skills You Will Learn
1. The characteristics of copy in different platforms and how to write for each—digital, print, outdoor, social and email
2. How to write compelling headlines, taglines and short-form copy
3. Three Cs of Copywriting—Clear, Consistent, Concise
4. Ten winning techniques that the best copywriters use and how/when to use them
5. Grammar brush-up: using punctuation, sentence structure and word choice to your advantage
6. Create essentials of a brand identity for better copy: brand persona, voice and ideal customer audience
7. Collaborate with marketing and design for a successful project every time
8. Leverage your copywriting skills to advance your career
Why Take This Course
​Good copy is the backbone of all effective communications—copywriters are the geniuses behind the headlines and social posts that get you to pause, read and take action. From social media to landing pages, pitches to sales emails, learn the foundations of crafting powerful copy that can be applied to all communication platforms.
This course will teach you how to develop and maintain an authentic brand voice that is the hallmark of good brand writing. Learn how to apply the mechanics of language to drive your audience to click, share and convert.
Week 1:
Copywriting 101

What is Copywriting, Anyway?
Subheads & Subject Lines & Taglines, Oh My!
The Real Estate of Copy

Week 2:
Know Thy Audience

The Basics of Branding
Finding Your Brand Voice
Winning Over Customers

Week 3:
The Art of Copywriting
Clear, Consistent & Clean – The 3 C’s of Copy
Hyphens, Hyperbole & The Power of Words
Crafting Catchy Copy

Week 4
Headlines & Ads

Headline History
Why Headlines Matter
How Headlines Inspire
Headlines in Ads, Web Pages, Sales Letters and More
Creating Urgency and Specificity
How to Get Great Ideas

Week 5
Copywriting Fundamentals – ‘Rules of the Copy Road
Creating Big Ideas and Big Promises
Understanding Features and Benefits and Learning How to Use them Effectively
Game Changing Copy Technique

Week 6
Introduction to Sales Letters
Creating Leads and Big Ideas
The Writing Process, How it Works and Finding Your Groove
Types of Intros and When and How to Use Them
Bringing Your Reader (Hungrily) Through Your Piece

Week 7
Writing Copy for Lead Generation
Creating Powerful Calls to Action
Writing Response Devices (this one technique will set you head and shoulders above most copywriters)

Week 8
Finding Your Niche
Different Types of Copy and Copywriting Opportunities
Direct Response Copywriting is a Sought after Skill that Makes You Invaluable

Class lecture: (released weekly on Sundays)
Live class coaching and question and answer conference
Tuesdays 11:30am to 12:30pm PT
Live Q and A sessions: 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27 and 12/4  *note Q and A will be recorded for those unable to attend

Why You Need This Course:
Words are everywhere. That statement seems so obvious, but I find that writers who are looking for work can’t seem to grasp the idea that work is actually as available to them as the air we breathe. As long as people are talking, reading and communicating, there will always be something for us to write. After all, words are in the books and magazines we read, they are on websites, flooding social media and cover those pesky flyers we receive in the mail promoting useless services we probably don’t need. Every product or service you can imagine needs a description, a website, a press release, a sales letter, a newsletter or something else requiring the talent of a writer. That’s great news for us! We will always have a job.

In this course you will learn the wide variety of money making avenues available to you and how to go after them.

Maybe you are in a job that isn’t right for you, you aren’t making enough at your current job, or writing is just something that you’ve “always wanted to do.”  This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to be a successful writer and grow your business to a point where you can make a decent living. So sharpen your pencils and charge up your laptops, you’ve got a career to start!

“SFSC’s course delivers everything their ad promises. If you want to write better copy, learn more about marketing strategy, add fire to your business skills or just look for new freelance opportunities, this is positively the class for you. I will definitely consider another course with SFSC.”
Pamela Dyson Pierre – Oakland, CA (Author/ Writer)​

“I highly recommend the Copywriting intensive class offered by San Francisco School of Copywriting (SFSC).”
Karen Williams Macdonald (Marketing Consultant / Freelance Writer)

This Copywriting Course covers skills you need to break into one of the most rewarding – and potentially lucrative –– writing careers you’ll find.
If you want to:
Make more money writing copy for your own business
Make a great living writing copy for someone else’s business
Improve your writing skills to make yourself more valuable in your current job

Our Copywriting Course is for YOU.
Do you want to be able to consistently and confidently write copy that get prospects to make decisions and take action? Copy that taps into the emotions of your prospective customers and convert them to solid buyers? Great copywriters know how to clearly state problems, and challenges and then offer solutions that are irresistible.  Great copywriters move prospects to take action and drive the engine of commerce.

These skills, techniques and yes – secrets – will take your writing from hitting the mark on occasion into the class of great.  It will put you in-demand.  They’re secrets because the great copywriters are busy writing great copy using the tricks of the trade that keep them in steady demand and earning killer fees.   But there is more work than they can handle and Amanda is going to show you how you can join the ranks of in demand great copywriters.

Our Guarantee:
If you take the entire course and feel as though you didn’t get your money’s worth, we’ll be shocked, but we’ll be fair and refund your investment. We’ve removed all the risk and put together a course that we know you’re going to love.

Are You Ready to Get Started?
Get started now and save $100 with early registration. If you’re ready to start learning how to write great copy that gets results that your clients love, sign up NOW! With the information you take away from this course, you’ll be in demand and get the results that builds businesses – and your bank account!
Early registration: $495 | Late Registration: $595
Early registration ends midnight, October 2nd. Save $100.
Class log-in info and group access will be sent within 24 hours of registering.​

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