Becoming A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Redefining & Reshaping Market Future [An Executive Training Seminar]

Becoming A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Redefining & Reshaping Market Future [An Executive Training Seminar]
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Date(s) - 19/03/2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

National University San Jose Campus


The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role in the firms is one of the most dynamic, challenging, exhilarating, complex, and compelling as of the Chief Executive Officer. The CMO brings in the right analytics to help reduce the risk of marketing and to give to a boardroom and some stakeholders and the executive team a far more responsible approach to what they’re doing.

The purpose of the executive seminar is to highlight three main issues on how CMO’s are:

(1) Driving innovation in myriad ways and areas as diverse yet tightly woven as a culture, technology, and talent;

(2) Fostering creativity, product development, organizational structure

(3) Nurturing new purposes and processes.

A CMO’s primary responsibility is to manage the return on investment (ROI) of their company’s marketing efforts – involves planning, developing and overseeing the execution of all marketing initiatives, and leading and aligning many teams:

(1) Brand management

(2) Marketing communications

(3) Sales management

(4) Market research and marketing training

(5) Product development

(6) Distribution channel management

(7) Pricing & Customer service

Who should attend?

(1) Marketing, Sales, Product, Channel, and Brand Managers

(2) Advertising & Communication Professionals

(3) Research & Development & Market Research Managers

(4) Strategists & Financial Analysts working with brands

(5) Functional specialists who assist marketing departments with the development & introduction

of new products & line extensions

(6) Consultants & MBA students

(7) All learning applies to Business to Consumer, Business to Business & Non-Profits

Key Topics:

1. Customer-Centric Expertise

2. Domain & Sales Expertise

3. Knowing Organization from the Inside Out

4. Mastering Many Roles & knowing one industry well

5. Becoming Number Savvy

6. Making Decisions with Big Data & Data Analytics

7. Engage in cross-departmental initiatives.

CMO positions are wide open for those who are willing to forge their path—with the Customer walking right beside them.

About Dr. Nadeem

Dr. Nadeem is a Fulbright Scholar, a Distinguished Professor of Marketing and an expert in executive education programs. Professor Nadeem is a Certified Product Marketing Manager – AIPMM and an Academic Program Director of Marketing. He is intellectually curious about managerially relevant problems with rigorous training in marketing. Professor Nadeem believes in an entrepreneurial mindset & preparing leaders to contribute lasting value to all types of organizations, in all sectors & wherever there are opportunities to make a positive difference for business and society. He is interested in Marketing/Sales for growing a high-performing team that is helping to build, launches & scale products. Dr. Nadeem brings not only the academic distinction but also his training, expertise & commitment that demonstrates a passion for leadership, and community involvement. Dr. Nadeem’s research has won several awards including the President’s Distinguished Teaching Award, Distinguished Scholarship Award, prestigious Professoriate award & several Best Research Paper Awards. Dr. Nadeem holds Ph.D. (Business) from UIU, Cincinnati, Ohio & PDP (Marketing) from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA & a Professional Coursework from Stanford University. He is a US Citizen & lives with his family in Santa Clara, CA.

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