For Organizers is the largest source of events, training courses and conferences for business owners and professionals involved in marketing industry.

To help event organizers and providers of educational programs to promote their events, we can offer the following ways of cooperation:

1. Submit your event (FREE)

Use our event submission form to submit your event for free.

2. Referral Program

Have a referral program? Submit your event with the link to your referral program and get featured event placement.

3. Advertising (Not only for event organizers)

If your business is related to online marketing or an other close field , we can offer text ads and different forms of banner placements.
Please contact us for prices and describe your business so we can figure out how we can help to promote your business.

4. Partnership

We also can offer a combined promotional program for your event, including featured event placement, banner ads, and newsletter promotion. Please contact us for prices.