Essential tools  you need to succeed

Welcome to the Marketerevents Resources section. You will find a detailed list of the tools and websites for building ,optimizing and developing your business.  I created this resource page to easily list recommended services, products, softwares, tools that I use and are valuable and beneficial. You can find nice services in just one place and help you to grow your online business rapidly.

1. SEO

SEO is one of the most important part to grow your traffic, improve your rankings, spy on your competitors and find the best keywords. This is the most important step not to neglect.


SEOClercks is the largest SEO Marketplace online for backlinks, rankings, traffic… I love this website, it’s easy to use and very very powerful. The prices are super cheap and the quality is exceptional. I have never had disappointed. If you want to increase your traffic, improve your rankings, … and if you don’t know how to do that you should definitely check out this website !

Link to the website :

2. Email Marketing

This is one of the most important part. On the internet, building an email list is very essential. The email will allow you to communicate easily with your audience. It will help to grow your traffic. It’s also a tool to gain the trust of your followers and to create a connexion with them. L’email is a good way to promote and sell your products. Moreover, you can ask questions to your audience rapidly. It’s imperative to pick a service with great tools  and intuitive features.

Below the best email provider on the market that I highly recommend :


Several reasons to use it :

No risk. No credit card is required! Get full access to all emailmarketing tools. It’s an amazing way to test the software and to                            see  if you feel confortable and satisfied with it.

  • Easy to use platform.

The drag-and-drop editor make it easy to create, customize and send professional emails.

  • Many Features.

The list is pretty longue and the advantages to create nice campaigns are numerous : responsive email templates, an easy-to-                         use email editor, list management and building features, autoresponders, powerful building tools, ecommerce tools,                                                 automated  emails, analytics, A/B split testing and more!

  • Social Share tool.

As explained above the social media is a great way to get traffic for your business for free via pages, groups and discussions.                               Constant Contact provides an amazing social share tool ! You can promote your campaigns on the social media very easy. You                           can  schedule social posts in advance, right from your Constant Contact account. It’s an incredible time saver.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you use your account to send an email to your list and don’t love it, just cancel within 30 days of activating your account and                          you’ll receive a full refund.

To summarize Constant Contact is an an efficient and easy-to-use email marketing service. They make it easy for you​r email campaign​ to succeed. The software has all the ingredients to create great email campaigns and to be able to grow your audience fast!
Don’t hesitate and try the 60 DAYS FREE TRIAL : Click here to sign up now!     

3. Marketing Funnels Platform is a new platform for building sales funnels. It’s an easy way to launch and Scale your Online Business.

As part of the exercise of a lucrative online business, this application will greatly facilitate all your tasks.

Whether you are selling products or services on the Internet, you are saving time and energy for effective management of your business. centralizes all these features in one tool. makes managing your business easier and allows you to focus on other development tasks.

Pros :

  • Sales Funnels : Build entire sales funnels in just a few clicks and sell more with less effort.
  • Email Marketing : Achieve your marketing goals with scalable, personalized email automation.
  • Membership Sites : Quickly and easily build your membership sites without any coding skills.
  • Evergreen Webinars : Build your email list and sell on autopilot by running evergreen webinars.
  • Affiliate program : Run your own affiliate program and drive more sales from your affiiates.
  • Easy to use : user friendly platform.
  • frequent updates (improvements, new features, bug fixes).
  • Great support.
  • Tested and approved by more than 1,000 customers in just 7 months!

Cons :

  • Lack of templates in the page editor.
  • Lack of advanced features in autoresponder compared to competitors.

however, the team is dynamic and updates and new features are added regularly. This platform has already been successful as seen above.

You can try  for free with the 14 days Trial : Start Your Free 14 DAYS Trial is an alternative of ClickFunnel and LearnyBox. What is the principal difference with them ? The price ! is cheaper and accessible for the small businesses : is in constant evolution and new features are coming soon as shopify integration, Adding features in the auto-responder, Show users which videos they have watched and improved their user experience for training members, etc…

If you have a small business with a tight budget I strongly recommend this software to start. It’s a very good opportunity, don’t miss it. Don’t hesitate and try the free 14 DAYS TRIAL now, you won’t be disappointed : Start Your Free 14 DAYS TRIAL